Natus Vincere and Space Soldiers qualify to season 7 of ESL Pro League
The team lineups for season 7 are now complete and we are ready to begin the matches on February 13.

Season 7 of ESL Pro League is just one week away with another US$1,000,000 prize pool and an Intel Grand Slam win on the line. We'll see 7 weeks of online play which will conclude with LAN finals, where the best 12 teams will compete.

Besides crowning a champion, each season has to end with relegation matches, where the bottom Pro League teams face top teams from the Mountain Dew League. The North American relegation matches were played early January in New York, during the MDL finals, where Ghost Gaming and Rogue secured their Pro League spots alongside SoaR gaming who won the play-in match. It was the first time relegation matches were played offline at an event, cementing the relationship between EPL and MDL, as teams playing in the latter get an invaluable opportunity to compete for a spot in the Pro League.

You can read more about the NA relegation matches here.

As for the European relegation matches, those had to be postponed until after the Boston Major due to a blizzard which made it impossible for the teams to fly into New York. Fortunately, we finally got to see the action conclude yesterday. The below listed winners join the European MDL champion AGO Gaming in Pro League season 7.


  • Space Soldiers vs. Na'Vi 1-2 (10-16 inferno, 16-14 mirage, 8-16 train)
  • GODSENT vs. eXtatus 2-1 (16-11 cobble, 10-16 mirage, 16-9 train)
  • Na'Vi vs. GODSENT 2-1 (16-10 mirage, 14-16 inferno, 16-14 cobble)
  • Space Soldiers vs. eXtatus 2-0 (16-6 cache, 22-19 inferno)
  • GODSENT vs. Space Soldiers 0-2 (4-16 cobble, 16-19 inferno)

Congratulations to Natus Vincere and Space Soldiers, as well as Rogue and Ghost Gaming - we look forward to seeing you in season 7 of ESL Pro League!

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