Summer 2015 - Introducing the teams
Today we want to show you what the teams have to say about the first season of the ESL Pro League.

After the three qualifiers we know all eight teams for the ESL Pro League Summer Season and we are really happy to present all of them to you today! We asked all teams to give us a small statement about the ESL Pro League as well as the qualifiers and how they think they will perform in the new system. We wish all teams the best of luck in the first season and have fun competing for at least 15,000 EUR prize money.

"We are happy to be given the chance to participate in the upcoming ESL Pro League. We have seen some good teams qualify and I am sure that the EPL will be more than exciting! The current system for EPL seems really good. In the group-stage everyone will play everyone. The top 4 will advance to the semi finals. The semi finals will be single elimination. This means that there will be no lower bracket. Because there is no lower bracket, there will be no map advantage. This results in the finals being a more level playing field.

Our chances for winning EPL are decent. We haven't practiced a lot lately due long vacations. We still have a while to go till the first EPL match, so I am sure we will be well prepared by then! The new map Rocket will surely bring some new and unexpected surprises to the league.

I wish everyone good luck and I will see you in-game!"


"Soon we will be part of and play the first biggest major in SF2 eSport history and we are looking forward to it! We have already started to prep as much as we can because we going to pull the aces out of the sleeve when its time to put the gloves on. Team Upside Down is the former myXMG.eSports which participated in Allstars Cup 2014 offline-stages in Cologne back in January 2015. After the finals we did some slight changes in consideration of analyzing what went wrong and what could've been better. The concept was to have a entire Swedish team but thats not the case for this major event. There will be many great teams competing and we'll be for sure one of them. Vouch for Team Upside Down and cheer us entire way to the offline stages! Good luck and have fun all teams!"


"We have battled hard to reach the final 8 of the pro league and have swept aside most of our opponents. In the qualification stage Ferox.pro was the strongest team that we faced and we eventually overcame them with some really close rounds. Our ambition is to reach the LAN by winning the pro league and also overtake PENTA sports in the rankings to become the best team in Europe."


"PENTA Sports is very optimistic regarding upcoming ESL Proleague. We have started practising and working toward our goal to try and qualify for offline finals. We've changed a lot of players in the lineup since EES, so we need some more time to put things in place.

Proleague system seems to be awesome and the fact that everyone plays everyone in bo3 format is great. Most of the teams are highly skilled and I have no doubt that it is not going to be easy.


 "We think that the system of having three different leagues is actually a good idea, so everyone plays more or less against his own skill level. It will be interesting to see how many teams give a try to the Open League and here we kinda hope that especially teams that use to play ingame clanwars find their way into the Open League, allthough it might need even more advertisment to make those teams join.
I do not dare to say that. There are couple of good teams around us like Upside Down, Senpai or PENTA and everyone would like to play offline at gamescom 2015 so it won't be an easy task but we try to do our best to make it into the playoffs and then I guess everything can happen.


"We will play this ProLeague for fun because 2 of our members have exams and we cant train however we will do our best.
I think we have chances to be among the best 4 teams although it will be hard. One tip for futures leagues is more teams in lan, that would attract more players to the scene.


"We, Enyxia, are a mix of experienced players from different countries trying to do our best in cups, in potential we are all good players but still have to work on our teamwork.

Our goal is to qualify for at least the play-offs, and we will do our best to reach it."



We trained a lot for this big tournament and now we are really happy that we made our way into the ESL Pro League. Our goal is to get in the playoffs (everything is possible there) and it would be really great to come to the offlines.