CS:GO Groups and Schedule Announcement
Games Schedule For Counter-strike: Global Offensive Premiership

With the CS:GO Premiership kicking off next week, let's take a look at the two groups of teams who will be fighting for a spot in the playoffs over the next 5 weeks.

Group A:
  • Team Endpoint
  • fish123
  • Epiphany Bolt
  • Luminary.gg
  • Pat's Money Crew
Group B:
  • Radix Esports
  • Enclave
  • Stifmeister Gaming
  • Vexed.Gaming
  • Nuclear Storm Gaming

The new format will feature 8 excited matches of CS:GO per week, with 4 matches on each Monday and Wednesday. Follow the action over at twitch.tv/esl_csgo

Week 1 - Broadcast Schedule

TimeMonday 19th of February
19:00Team Endpoint vs. Epiphany Bolt
20:00fish123 vs. Luminary.gg
21:00Radix Esports vs. Nuclear Storm Gaming
22:00Stifmeister Gaming vs. Enclave
TimeWednesday 21st of February
19:00Radix Esports vs. Enclave
20:00Stifmeister Gaming vs. Vexed.Gaming
21:00Team Endpoint vs. Luminary.gg
22:00fish123 vs. Pat's Money Crew

Week 2 - Broadcast Schedule

TimeMonday 26th of February
19:00Team Endpoint vs. fish123
20:00Pat's Money Crew vs. Epiphany Bolt
21:00Radix Esports vs. Stifmeister Gaming
22:00Vexed.Gaming vs. Nuclear Storm Gaming
TimeWednesday 28th of February
19:00Stifmeister Gaming vs. Nuclear Storm Gaming
20:00Vexed.Gaming vs. Enclave
21:00fish123 vs. Epiphany Bolt
22:00Pat's Money Crew vs. Luminary.gg

Check out the full schedule over at the Schedule page.

Join us for the best in UK/IRE CS:GO on Monday and Wednesday as we move forward into this exciting new year.