ESL Premiership winners will now qualify for the Mountain Dew League
ESL’s national CS:GO champions from Europe to compete in the Mountain Dew League!

Today we are proud to announce a clear path to the ESL CS:GO Pro League for aspiring teams in Europe. Starting with ESEA Season 26, the ESL Premiership and other National Championships in multiple European countries will grant a spot in the Mountain Dew League (MDL), the only way to qualify for the prestigious ESL CS:GO Pro League. Teams from an amateur to professional level can work their way from grassroot CS:GO leagues up towards challenging the best teams in the world in Pro League.

ESL is set to incorporate its European National Championships into ESEA’s system, creating promotion spots up to MDL while also utilizing ESEA’s anticheat technology to secure fair play. The winners of the given ESL National Championships will earn a spot in MDL, giving them a chance to compete internationally with the chance for promotion to the ESL Pro League. If a team already qualified for either MDL ends up winning their respective National Championship, the runner up will instead receive the spot in MDL.

For the Premiership this means that teams battle their way to the top of ladder have the chance to compete against some of the best teams in Europe. We will be promoting a team from our Autumn Season up to MDL as we continue our progress to create a sustainable Path to Pro ecosystem within the UK and Ireland.

If you're an aspiring CS:GO pro then the Premiership is the best place to pursue your passions and these start with our upcoming qualifiers 26th/27th June and 3rd/4th July!

Ulrich Schulze, VP Pro Gaming at ESL, commented on this move: “The continued growth of the esports industry relies on the fostering of new talent. ESL and ESEA have a staunch belief that anyone wishing to play at the top level in esports should be supported, and offered a clear path to make their dream a reality. Today’s announcement does just that by uniting ESEA’s leading anticheat, local servers for Europe with ESL’s passionate fan base.