ESL UK Premiership Promotions
The Promotions is nearly upon us, but when?

This weekend we will see some of the UK's best and brightest stars from the CS:GO scene participate in the Promotions Tournament.

This tournament is the second and final step that teams take in getting to the UK Premiership group stage. After three long weeks with three different cups, we saw over 130 teams participate and try to accrue more points than each other.

We've seen a lot of shocks, some amazing comebacks, and some teams that were never even considered to being top level of the UK CS:GO scene try to make it and nearly succeeding. It's been a long journey for some but now five of the teams that participated in the qualifiers meet three teams that had participated in last season's group stage in a battle that will see only four teams make the group stages.

Here is the schedule as follows for this weekend:

Saturday 14:00 - Quarter-Final 1
Saturday 14:00 - Quarter-Final 2
Saturday 14:00 - Quarter-Final 3
Saturday 14:00 - Quarter-Final 4

Saturday 15:30 - Lower Bracket Ro4a
Saturday 18:30 - Lower Bracket Ro4a

Matches Being Streamed

Saturday 15:30 - Semi-Final 1 (BO3)
Saturday 19:00 - Semi-Final 2 (BO3)

Sunday 14:00 - Lower Bracket Ro4b (BO3)
Sunday 17:30 - Lower Bracket Ro4b (BO3)

The matches will streamed on our Twitch Channel which you can find over on Twitch TV with this handy link: twitch.tv/esl_csgo_uk