'He's the best CS player I've played with so far'
Kie Smith sits down with two of Team Reason's finest - Neil ' NeiL_M' Murphy and Tramaine 'Stan1ey' Stanley - to discuss their team in the ESL UK Premiership.

Kie Smith sits down with two of Team Reason's finest after a storming performance last week, to discuss the future of Reason in the ESL UK Premiership.

Kieran: So last week, in your starting game, you faced off against Team Xenex on stream. Can you walk us through this game and how it went?

Neil: We expected a quick 2-0 vs them to be honest. The maps suited us nicely as well. For Cobble robin and fre1 just were on fire. Cache we were a little tougher but the 2-0 was never in doubt throughout the series.

Stan: Pretty much the same as Neil really. We knew the way we play would be a massive struggle for them! Everything just clicked really well for the 2-0 win. As in for my own performance I didn't really have to do much, I had a few good rounds across both maps but nothing spectacular. 

Kieran: Neil - you mentioned the Cache game, do you feel that the Xenex line-up playing together before hand on cache helped put up a fight against the play style of Reason?

Neil: From what I know they just brought in 2 new players so I don't think they practised that much with that 5. Cache was more us just kind of running around and expecting the win during the 1st half. We stepped it up in the 2nd half and took the win.

Kieran: With you mentioning your style of play being the run and gun approach, do you do any team practice with this five before matches?

Neil: fre1 Stan & Jenko have played a lot together as a trio on and off for the past year so there is chemistry there between the 3. We don't practice, we take it on the fly with Robin calling and I’ll be helping him from outside of the game.

Kieran: You say that Robin is doing the calling for this line-up, is this something new for him?

Neil: Robin has always chipped in with calls through the LANS I've been around him for. His knowledge for the game really benefits the younger talent in our side. He also calls for DenDD so it's not really new for him!

Kieran: So with Robin being the most experienced player in this line-up, do you feel like there's a benefit having him on the team aside from the raw firepower he provides?

Stan: Yeah for me it feels nice to play around Robin as its very loose kind of play within Reason which suits us best as we mostly run around and use our aim to win. Robin's probably one of the best players I’ve played with in CS  so far so I looked forward to learning a lot.

Kieran: Moving onto your game vs Nerdrage to qualify for the group stage - how did that game go from both of your perspectives?

Neil: Well for first we were really surprised that we were up against Nerdrage. We expected a very close game vs fish123. We knew it would be easier vs Nerdrage. 1st map was really comfortable for us on overpass. 2nd map on cache they put up a good fight but again we stepped it up when needed to get that 2-0. 

Stan: Pretty much on the same page as Neil. I expected to go into the game winning 2-0. the first map was smooth as we won 16-4, 2nd map being somewhat close but when needed we stepped it up to close it out 16-12.

Kieran: So the last question for both of you is, who do you expect at the LAN finals?

Neil: I'm expecting it to be us vs FM eSports. I feel their new lineup could actually do very well with enough practice.

Stan: I'm expecting it to be Smooya's ORGless lineup, they've actually been looking decent. they have quite a lot of firepower in their lineup which some of the other lineups don't have but I guess we will have to wait and see how the brackets pan out in the group stages.

Kieran: Any shoutouts you want to give to finish this interview off?

Neil: Shoutout to our manager Jewels she is just fantastic for the team #HEINZUK

Stan: Shoutout to one of our players in the mix Jenko #foreverheinz #teamendpoint.gg

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Kieran ‘SmithhMedia’ Smith