SanDisk PotW Award - Week 6 - Dodging the Bullet
Week six saw an emphasis on survivability, seeing our data collection team tracking deaths across all four matches on Monday 21st September.

The penultimate week of the ESL UK Premiership is over meaning it’s time to crown yet another winner of the SanDisk Player of the Week award. This week’s award will be given to the player who has managed to dodge the grim reaper, achieving the lowest deaths in their match during week six - no simple task.

Our winner this week, a player who danced on the line of immortality, is Ben “Esio” Doughty from Choke Gaming. He was able to survive the most, only succumbing to the bullet nine times during a twenty six round match. We managed to catch up with Esio and found out how he managed to tiptoe around the battlefield so successfully:

“I'm very happy to be named the Player of the Week for Week 6 in the ESL UK Premiership for having the least deaths. Achieving the Player of the Week award for something like this is based on luck and how my team are performing. In the game we played against Good Looking Gamers, they rarely came to the bombsite I was holding which meant I wasn't facing many opponents on the CT side. Thankfully, I didn't have to retake the other bombsite that much due to my team holding it down.

Because of how well my team was playing, I was able to go onto the Terrorist side with the least deaths and maintain it from then onwards due to how strong our T side was. We're looking forward to attending MCM where we will be facing Team Infused in the semi final. I also want to thank Choke Gaming, ESL and our sponsors ASUS, XFX, Crucial, GT Omega and Eclipse Computers.”

Massive congratulations to Esio, he will be receiving a Sandisk SSD to speed up his game and keep him on top form! Let us know who you think should take week seven’s prize for best headshot accuracy on twitter using the #ESLPremiership.