The Autumn Season is here for CS:GO
We're glad to announce the dates for our Autumn season for Counter-Strike!

We're excited to announce the continuation of Counter-Strike in the Premiership for Autumn 2017 with our group stage starting on July 17th and culminating at live finals in mid-September! Teams will be playing for £10,500 in prize money and the title as the best team in the UK and Ireland

Spring 2017

FM esports dominated the early weeks of the season before a 1-1 draw to excel and The Imperial gave hope to those teams around them. However they picked up the form for the latter part of the season and secured their place in the offline finals.

Going into the final week Fish123 led exceL eSports but needed to pick up a map against FM to secure their place at finals. FM dominated and that left exceL requiring a 2-0 win against bottom of the table ROYALS UK to make it to finals but they floundered on dust, dropping the map 16-11 and securing Fish123 the 2nd finals spot.

FM continued to look strong picking up the first map and clawing back for an overtime win to secure the 2nd map on Mirage. Fish123, who had been picked up by MnM Gaming for the finals, brought it back to 2-1 with a victory on Overpass before FM reasserted their dominance with a quick victory on Cobblestone, taking home the Premiership title.


We are inviting back the top 4 teams from our previous season providing the teams can retain a majority (3/5) of their starting roster. FM EsportsFish123exceL eSports and The Imperial will have the chance to join us for the Autumn Season but that means there are 4 spots up for grabs. 

We will be running open qualifiers on June 26th/27th and 3rd/4th July for CS:GO running as two single best-of-1 elimination cups, each of them across the two days listed. Maps will be predetermined by round rather than using the previous bans system.

The top two teams from each cup will advance to the group stage.

Group Stage

The group stage will be run on Mondays from the 17th July in a best-of-1 format with all teams playing on a single night. We felt last seasons on/off stream format didn't do justice to the Premiership and we want to give teams a chance to play on stream against their opponents.


We've responded to player feedback to bring back the playoffs for Autumn 2017!

After the group stages have completed we will be taking the top 4 teams to a single elimination bracket with best-of-3 semi-finals before the top 2 teams from the league join us for a live best-of-5 finals!