The Story So Far - CSGO
Kieran Smith looks back over the last few weeks of ESL UK Premiership action!

Throughout the last few weeks, we have experienced some outstanding matchups! From upsets to straight out stomps and even battles with numerous overtimes, today we’ll be looking back over first few weeks of the premiership. 

In the opening week, we had some outstanding games. Starting off the summer promotions we had the powerhouse team of Fish123 get knocked down to the loser’s bracket by the up and comers over at nerdRage, featuring the likes of Caspian and Samwell, in a surprisingly dominating 2-0 series. Meanwhile, over on stream, we had the long double OT matchup of Team Viral, now CAZ eSports, faceoff against FM-eSports in a fantastic series and certainly a contender for game of the tournament. In this matchup, we had both of the first maps go into overtime with FM finally edge out on cache thanks to Puls3’s superstar performance.

On the next day of broadcasts there were very dominating and fast performances all over the place, with all of the games going only two maps. Fish123 destroyed Team Xenex, Smooya and Co beat out Dragon eSports and Fish123 again in the most impressive performance of the evening. Reason Gaming, FM-eSports, Fish123 and Orgless went on to face off for the £1,000 prize pool for promotions and seeding for the group stage.

The following week is where we really got down to business! In the first matchup, we had the dominating force of Reason Gaming up against FM eSports where, yet again in the UK scene, we saw good old Robiin run the show. From head fragger to even in-game leadingership alongside Neil_M, Robiin was Reason's MVP all night long. With his skills and with the likes of Jenko and Fre1 in the team, they managed to overwhelm FM, who rely on their structure and tactics to win games, into a 2-0 win. Even though the first matchup of the night was a dominated, we ended up seeing a fairly even matchup between Smooya’s Orgless and Weber’s fish123 who both are arguably the two best UK players right now. Going into the matchup, all teams knew that Smooya on Overpass was something to stay away from. That’s what Fish123 did better than any other team, but it wasn't enough. Orgless’s ability to overwhelm the passive side of FM was to be the better game plan and offered an impressive 16-1 finish on Mirage and 16-7 on Overpass for Orgless.

The final matchup of the promotions for £1,000 was a great one and in this writer's opinion, the best two teams got to the finals. Reason Gaming vs Orgless starting off with Mirage, a map which both teams had been taking advantage of late into the promotions bracket, and boy didn’t we get an amazing game to start it off! Reason Gaming managed to get the advantage due to the weakness of Orgless’s CT side to win out the map 16-13. Orgless notorious strength on Overpass should have made this game look very different, but instead we saw them struggle in the opening half of their CT side with the first half score line going in favour of Reason Gaming 9-6. That was the theme of the night from then on - Reason Gaming didn’t step off the gas to finish this map 16-6!

With that, Reason Gaming won the promotions tournament and entered the group stage as 1st seed and a prize winning of £1,000! Even though the rest go empty handed, Orgless, FM and Fish123 all go into the group stages that start on the 26th of September to see who will be at our LAN finals at MCM Comicon on the 28th – 30th of October!

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Kie 'SmithhMedia' Smith